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Education improves your quality of life by helping you make better lifestyle choices, improve your skills and increase self-advocacy.

It is the same in high-performance sports participation. Teach athletes, parents, and coaches through our workshops:

  • How to make wise training decisions throughout the year,
  • What, how much, and when to train in what season of play,
  • How to listen to their own body,
  • To communicate effectively with all stakeholders, especially when playing both club and high school sports,
  • The off-the-pitch skills that make a huge impact in high-performance competitions,
  • How to reach their goals.

Sports Clubs
High School Teams

In-person Workshops:

  • Athlete/parent: Applying Sports Science to your Training: 90 min: Cost $249 + $50 digital copy of "My Training Journal."

  • Coach: How to train and monitor high-performing youth athletes using sports science.: 2 hours: Cost $399 + $50 digital copy of "My Coaching Journal"

Club and School pricing available

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Eric Stephens, Blue Knights Coach

Robin's Applying Sports Science into your Training is a great program for the youth athlete and team wishing to reach their maximum potential. It provides the athlete with the information needed to make better decisions about training, load management, and injury prevention and recovery.