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For Utah residents only.
Are you playing in pain or unable to play due to injury? Can't get an appointment for a couple of weeks?

Be evaluated and treated ASAP by Robin L Cecil, a sports physical therapist who specializes in working with youth athletes with over 26 years of experience.


  • Be evaluated and treated today.
  • One on one appointment with Robin.
  • Hours that fit your schedule.
  • Evaluation of the whole athlete, including the biomechanics of their movement, identifying injury risk and more.
  • A complete training pathway back to the pitch.
  • Quick access to ask questions along the way.
  • Follow-up to confirm your treatment is working.
  • Provides communication with your coach.
  • If imaging is needed, RAYUS Radiology is an option.


  • $110 at my office or club soccer headquarters.
  • $150 at your home.

Payment options:

  • Cash
  • Credit cards
  • Health savings accounts

I don't take insurance, so I can focus on you.

Robin L Cecil, PT, DPT

Robin has 26 years of experience working as a physical therapist and is certified in Injury and Workload in Team Sports and 3D Movement Analysis and Performance. She received her Masters in Physical Therapy from Texas Woman's University and her Doctorate from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions.

She specializes in treating youth athletes and will help them get back on the pitch from injury. She has also consulted with soccer coaches and athletes at the university, high school, and club levels, providing athlete health management solutions.

It's better to take care of it now.