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Training Strategies Built on Sound Principles

The power of coaching, sports science, and sports medicine are directly correlated to the power of the PST process. The PST process stands for principles that drive strategies that drive techniques. Principles are fundamental truths that serve as the foundation for a chain of reasoning. It is...


What is missing in competitive youth sports?

At the highest level of sport, coaches and performance and medical teams all work together for the benefit of the athletes. It has been shown that athletes stay healthier when good communication exists between the coaching, performance, and medical staff. They each have a different focus, but...


How To Incorporate Recovery Into Year-round Training

Young athletes rarely have an off-season or a general preparation phase of training due to year-round sports training. Do not fear, it is a great time to allow your body to heal, renew, and focus on the basics. It is not a time to do nothing, but to do something different. Preparation is...


Building Resilience In Athletes

What are the qualities that differentiate the “injury-prone” from the "resilient" athlete? If we can identify these qualities, then we can develop these qualities within our athletes to improve performance and reduce injury risk. Two qualities of a resilient athlete are: 1) higher aerobic...


Avoiding Injury During Adolescent Musculoskeletal Growth

The development of young athletes is a systematic, complex process, which requires a long-term plan. Parents and young athletes should realize that continual sport-specific participation alone, will not always create the needed catalyst to develop athletes to their highest potential. With...


Performance Nutrition For Youth Athletes

Nutrition is one of the 5 pillars of health and is a critical component to helping athletes perform at their best. Both nutrition and performance nutrition are components of long-term athletic development that can start today when parents, athletes, and coaches understand and implement best...


Differences In Female vs Male Athlete Training

Increasing numbers of women are participating in sport, across an expanding variety of different sport types. To match this upward trend in participation, it is important to take into account particular considerations for exercising women. Rather than simply applying the blueprint that has been...


Does Wearing a Face Mask Affect Athletic Performance?

The current strategy to prevent the community spread of COVID-19 includes social distancing, hand washing, and the use of face masks. The wearing of face masks provides a physical barrier to reduce the risk of transmission of virus particles until a vaccine is available. As sporting...


Train Online With Soccer Pro Alex Kimball

Looking for more structure in your training? Are you training all aspects of the game? We can help. This is not your normal training program. We are not living in normal times. It is not about doing more, it's about doing the right things at the right times. Here's how my six-week virtual...