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BFR cuffs are a cutting-edge recovery and training tool used to enhance muscle strength and endurance.  These cuffs are a game changer when it comes athletes who are:


1. Dealing with major injuries and have limited function

2. Looking to improve muscle activation before training or competitions.

3. Dealing with musclar imbalances and pain

4. Looking for a recovery tool. 


These cuffs create a metabolic stress response by performing low load, longer duration training with minimal stress to joints.  This leads to improved muscle activation, growth, and strength, and effecient return to sport.  


  • Heal Faster!

  • Avoid Muscle Atrophy

  • Build Strength, Size , and Tone

  • Increase Bone Density

  • Reduce Pain and Elevate Mood!


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What is Occlusion Training


Blood Flow Restriction Therapy and Its Use for Rehabilitation and Return to Sport: Physiology, Application, and Guidelines for Implementation


RockCuff BFR Basics


RockCuff Practical Use


How to Prepare and Place Your Cuff

RockCuff BFR Cuffs -2 Sets of 2 Cuffs


    • Small Cuffs: Includes 2 cuffs with SkinSafe gels, suitable for limbs with a circumference of 8" to 12".
    • Medium Cuffs: Comes with 2 cuffs and SkinSafe gels, designed for limbs with a circumference of 12" to 19".
    • Large Cuffs: Features 2 large cuffs and SkinSafe gels, fitting limbs with a circumference of 18" to 34".
    • Customization: For those requiring sizes outside the standard range, a larger size is available via special order to ensure a perfect fit for all users.

    • Safety and Comfort: Each component of the RockCuff system, including the cuffs and SkinSafe gels, is meticulously designed to ensure maximum safety and comfort during use, minimizing the risk of injury or discomfort.
    • Efficiency in Training: By incorporating BFR training into your routine, you can achieve significant gains in muscle size and strength, even with lower-intensity workouts, making it an ideal solution for individuals with physical limitations or those seeking to reduce the strain on joints and ligaments.
    • Faster Recovery: The RockCuff system is tailored to not only enhance your workout efficiency but also to expedite your recovery process, enabling you to return to your training regimen sooner.
    • Performance Enhancement: Regular use of the RockCuff BFR system can lead to improved athletic performance, including increased endurance, strength, and overall physical prowess.
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