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Supporting High-performing Youth Athletes!

It's not about always playing the sport more, it's about bringing all the pieces together within your club or organization

to develop youth athletes in the long term.

´╗┐In-house Sports Medicine Care

Weekly Injury Assessments and Treatment

  • on-site sports injury evaluations and care
  • athlete and parent access to medical team
  • easy scheduling
  • coordination of athlete care
  • coach, athlete, and parent communication

Return to Sport Care

  • load management
  • training progressions
  • follow-up

Coach, Athlete, and Parent Workshops

Applying Sports Science in your Training

  • types of training
  • periodization
  • scheduling recovery
  • dynamic warm-up
  • body-weighted strength training
  • making training decisions
  • being available to train and compete

Strengthening the Mental Game - HeadStrong Consulting

  • pre-performance routines
  • controlling emotions
  • imagery and visualization
  • self-talk
  • focus

Sports Performance Nutrition

  • performance plates
  • nutrient timing
  • hydration
  • travel nutrition
Sports Performance Training

Athlete Assessments and Testing

  • running biomechanics
  • 5 m / 10 m / 20 m
  • pro-agility
  • pacer test
  • vertical and horizontal force production
  • anaerobic capacity
  • aerobic capacity

Speed and Agility Training for Coaches and Athletes

  • acceleration / deceleration
  • top-end speed
  • change of direction
  • force production


We are honored to partner with Dr. Nicole Detling and her mental strength coaches to create a stronger team that will support high-performing youth athletes and teams, and their parents and coaches by giving them the tools and training needed to become their best

Are you a young, competitive athlete or dancer who

  • needs help with developing mental strength, self-confidence, or resilience
  • is dealing with fatigue, poor performance, or repetitive use injury
  • does not fuel properly

and needs individual guidance?

We can help!

If you are not sure where to turn, we can help guide you to the best consultant to meet your needs.

We have provided sports medicine care and/or sports education for the following

Shaylee Wilson,

Head of Youth Development,

Coach of 05 and 04 Girls

7 Elite Academy

"The Sport Ready program has enabled 7 Elite Academy to provide the knowledge & tools for our players to prepare their minds and bodies to play at the elite level. The support given to our players to prevent, & in response to injuries has allowed our players to return to play more quickly while healing their bodies in an appropriate manner. The importance of educating our athletes on how to care for their bodies while playing at an elite level has proven to be imperative in our success."

Club and School pricing available

Contact us for more information.