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The Benefits of Baseline Concussion Testing & Sideline Screenings

In the world of sports, concussions are a serious concern. These head injuries can have long-lasting effects on athletes, both physically and mentally. That's why baseline concussion testing is so important. It provides a crucial measurement of an athlete's brain function and physical capabilities before a head injury occurs. Baseline concussion testing involves a series of cognitive, balance, and functional activities that establish a baseline measurement of an athlete's brain function and physical capabilities. This baseline measurement serves as a reference point for comparison in the event of a head injury. By comparing post-injury test results to the baseline, healthcare professionals can accurately diagnose and manage concussions, ensuring the athlete's safety and facilitating their safe return to sport.

We use SWAY Medical as our baseline testing provider, sideline screenings, and return-to-sport testing.  This is completed on your phone and will allow your athlete access to a concussion sideline assessment, even when medical personnel are unavailable.  The benefits of this service include: 1. Accurate Diagnosis: In the event of a head injury, the athlete will take the sideline assessment including a symptoms checklist, in which case a comparison can be made to the athlete’s baseline assessment to accurately diagnose if an athlete should return to play or be held out for further evaluation. This ensures that athletes receive the appropriate care they need. 2. Individualized Treatment: The location where the brain is injured, determines the symptoms seen in an athlete with a head injury.  Concussions can cause symptoms of dizziness (vestibular or balance) issues, visual dysfunction, decreased cognitive function, and/or headaches.  The sideline test addresses all of these symptoms along with a symptoms checklist that can be downloaded in a report and given to the athlete for the concussion specialist.  This helps to streamline and tailor treatment plans to the specific needs of each athlete.  This approach can lead to faster and more successful recoveries.

3. Safe Return to Sport: Healthcare professionals can determine when an athlete is ready to return to play with the help of SWAY medical testing. In conclusion, baseline concussion testing is a crucial tool for athletes. It provides healthcare professionals with a baseline measurement of an athlete's brain function and physical capabilities, allowing for more accurate diagnosis and treatment of concussions. By facilitating a safe return to sport, baseline concussion testing helps unlock the potential of athletes and ensures their safety on and off the field.

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